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A letter to my future child.

My child. Wherever you are. I am thinking about you. Whether you are about to be conceived after a homecoming game or frat party. Whether you are alive and peering out the window of your orphanage or foster home and waiting for a mommy and daddy to pick you up. Whether you are in the womb of your birth mom or a beautiful sketch that God has drawn at his workbench in heaven. Or even a frozen embryo. You are mine. I have tears in my eyes, because I know that when we lock eyes for the first time, I will have ALL the feels. The waiting will have been worth it. You my child are worth every tear, every worry that I do not fit in with all the other mom's getting pregnant, as I feel a little "lost" without you right now.

I don't like the waiting process one bit, but I know it has to happen to get to where you are. I know that God loves you so much, that he would pick me to wait through the torment of not being able to have a baby in my tummy, so that there is room for you to grow in my heart.

You are mine. I cannot wait to squeeze, cuddle, hold, and teach you about how much Jesus loves you. He is the best dad in the entire world and I can't wait for you to meet him with me. Dad and I meet with Jesus everywhere, while we wait for you. We tell him how much we need help waiting for you, because we know you are so perfect for us, and that His plan is the absolute BEST!

Little one, you are brave, you are strong, you are God's chosen one to be given from one home to our hearts forever. Stay strong for mommy and daddy! We have so many friends and family praying for your journey home to us. We are going to have a big celebration when you come home. I cannot wait. Trust me. It is driving everyone crazy how ancy I am to meet you.

Love, mom.

P.S. the Bible says that you are my REWARD! That is so COOL!