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I’m not pregnant. But seriously. When is my due date?

God is amazing. In my current child-bearing years, a phrase that I hear often from girlfriend to girlfriend is: “So when is your due date?” Honestly when infertility was gripping me and tearing me down in depression, I would say to myself: “when is it going to be my turn, am I ever going to experience a due date?” I would look at my barren belly and it would really get to me. 

Check out this photo above. I would hear people all around me tell me exactly what was holding me back from my due date.... “well your just too stressed, you need to do IVF, or DON’T DO IVF, why don’t you just adopt? Is your husband checked out? When you STOP TRYING it will happen. Okay, have sex every day and it will just HAPPEN!

   Dear Christians of America: do you know what God’s season is for a child to live in my womb? No. If you do, hit me up at my e-mail and I can connect you with some great theologians nearby who can be a “third-party” to that educational session. 😊 

     For us to be giving any advice in regards to timing of when things are going to happen in the lives of people around us, is simply not our job! We need to allow God to reveal his “due date” for us in His own time and his own way that was specifically designed for you and for me. 💕 

     In fact, in regards to my last post. It has helped me become so much more satisfied in my infertility. By ignoring what “advice” people give (I call it unsolicited advice/ stress), and I put my heart in the palm of God’s hand. 

    If you are struggling with “when is it going to be my turn, God?” Know that question never gets old and may never stop, but the steadfast love of the Lord never ceases. He wants to satisfy you in ways that only He has in mind for you. 

    He is a good Daddy! 

    -JoAnna Winans