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A poem of loss

A beautiful poem brought to you all by a mama grieving the loss her second little one. This particular piece of writing gives brilliant insight into the heart of a mother maneuvering her way through the thoughts and feelings associated with a loss.

Jumping for joy

Running around

Shouting the news

To all of the town

Dreaming up names

Picturing eyes

Thinking of games

To calm down your cries

Playing you songs

Hoping you hear

Hand on my belly

Feel you so near

Time to wake up

Was that a dream

Now it's a nightmare

I'm gonna scream

Where did you go

Why did you leave

No time to think

No time to grieve

Time to inform

Time to back track

Time to prepare

for a pat on the back

It could have been worse

At least your alive

Yes, that is true

But a part of me died

Things left unseen

Are equally real

Things with no voice

Can always still feel

Numbness surrounds

Dreams start to fade

Blow out the candle

On the plans that we made

The loss of a soul

No matter the age

Can steal a moms joy

And fill her with rage

What did I do ?

I refuse to blame me.

Should I try again?

Or just let it be ..

Boss I am not

Plans I don't make

To understand why

Is too much to take

Letting it go

Riding the waves

Seeing the light

At the foot of the cave

Here comes the sun

Mixed with warm rain

Beautiful rainbow

To heal all the pain

Faith is restored

Hope is alive

Hearing your heartbeat

As mine takes a dive

Courage I'll have

Strong I will be

A new spark has lit

And set fire in me