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25 Fun, Spicy & Sexy Date Nights for under $25.00!

Running out of romantic inspiration? Below are budget friendly date nights that will help keep the romance alive in your marriage without breaking the bank! Enjoy!


1.) FREE- "Showtime!" Put on your spouse's favorite music at home and showtime!

2.) FREE- "In my pants"- Go for a drive and read billboards & signs that you see, and say out loud "in my pants" afterwards! It is quite hilarious! Feel free to to reach over and touch your spouse! You'll be home making love in no time! (BE SAFE!) :)

3.) FREE- "Let's Get Poppin"- Take a bag of popcorn and heat it up. Set the timer for 45 seconds. During the first 45 seconds that it's heating up, you can allow your spouse to do whatever they want romantically to you for 45 seconds. Then stop when the timer runs out! Then for the other seconds the other spouse gets to do whatever they want romantically and has to stop when the timer goes off! See if you two can actually make it through a movie without any romanticism! ;)

4.) FREE- "Massage Night" Put on that relaxing instrumental music, light some candles, and give each other a massage! It will DEFINITELY help with the stress!

5.) FREE- "90's baby"- Go for a drive and bust out the best "pop" songs from childhood!

6.) FREE- "Shopping Night!" Go to a local department store... i.e. (Macy's, Dillards, Kohl's, etc. Pick out a new perfume/cologne for each of you to put on your Christmas wish list! (So much fun!)

7.) FREE- "Play House!" Call up your favorite couple who has a child/ children that you both just love, and babysit for them for FREE! They will love you for it, and it will temporarily allow you to be parents for the evening! It's a WIN-WIN! Go home afterwards and try to make some of your own! ;)

8.) FREE- "Right on Target"- Go to Target or any clothing store that you can go in and try bras on for your spouse. What a great tease! :)

9.) FREE- Eat dinner naked! Yep! Just. Do. It!

10.) FREE- "Pitch a Tent!"- (TENT REQUIRED!) Pack some snacks, a tent, some hydration, and go to a local state park during the day/ afternoon. During your adventure, tell your spouse all the things you like to do to them while naked, or what you love that they do in return :). You two will be "pitching a tent" in no time!

11.) FREE- "Wedding Night!" Clear the living room floor and dress up as if it were your wedding day! Dance to your first dance song and re-live your wedding night!

12.) FREE- "Self Timer Shoot" Get all matched up, and go out to a fun location and use self timer! Go home and see the pictures you came up with!

13.)$5.00- "Penny for a Panty"- Go with your spouse to any large department store and go to their underwear section. There is a good chance you will find some sexy panties for less than $5.00 in their sale section! Have your spouse pick out his favorite and have fun that night!

14.) $5.00- Learn a new card game together!

15.) $5.00- "Covered in Bubbles"- Go to the store and get some nice smelling bubble bath, and take a bath together! If you don't have a tub, take a shower together with sexy shower gel!

16.) $8.00- Make cookies naked!

17.) $12.00- "Whip it Up"- Go to the grocery store and get some whip cream, stuff to make pancakes, and bacon! Have breakfast for dinner and use that whip cream to be dessert for each other afterwards! :)

18.) $10.00- "Drive In Night!" Grab some blankets, popcorn, and go to your local drive-in movie theater! You might leave with a drive-in baby in your belly!

19.) $10.00- "Coffee for Two!" Go to a local coffee shop, and ask each other over coffee to retell the night/ day you fell in love to each other, from your own perspectives!

20.) $10.00- "Maui Baby!"- Go to a local snow cone or ice cream place. Have your bikini on underneath. Tell your hubby that you would like to go get ice-cream. Then when you two get home, "Go to Maui!" Pretend you are on the beach and run with it! (Make sure you two don't get sunburned!) ***Tropical smelling lotion is a plus!***

21.) $15.00- "Bowling Night!"- Get some snacks from the dollar store and go bowling!

Whoever gets the highest score gets some lovin' on the way home!

22.) $15.00- "Hole in One!" Go to a local putt- putt place and play putt-putt! For however many points you get, that's how many kisses you will have to give your spouse that night! :) (If he starts going over parr you'll know why!) :) If you get a hole in one....... Well you two can decide the prize! :)

23.) $20.00- "Arcade Night"- Go to Costco and get a hot dog and drink ($1.50 per person) and then arcade night! Get competitive! Whoever wins the most points gets whatever they want romantically on the way home!

24.) $20.00- "2 for Twenty"- Chiljis has an AWESOME menu where both of you can eat 2 for $20.00! Who can beat that?

25.) Most Importantly- Write your spouse a love letter. Trying to conceive can be fun,

but it can also be stressful. Remind them of how much you love them, and how

awesome of a spouse they are. Remind them of why God placed them in your life,

and how grateful you are for them. You can even write your dreams of them

becoming a parent, and how excited you are for God to give you those dreams.

Whatever you write is perfect! A handwritten letter is the most intimate

affirmation thing you can give them. <3