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A Compelling and Beautiful "Motherhood Monday" Featuring: Marlena!

My husband, Taylor, and I had been trying for about a year to have a baby. We went to my OBGYN and spoke to her; she referred us to a fertility specialist in Austin. After both of us being tested, we found out the reason we had been unsuccessful was male infertility. We were told that we would have a less than 1% chance of conceiving on our own and that In Vitro Fertilization would be the best treatment for our case. Because we knew we wanted children, we went ahead with fertility treatments. The doctor was confident that we would be able to have a baby through IVF. Along came numerous blood draws, pills, hormones, and injections. I had to do this to grow follicles, which turned into eggs, so the doctor could extract my eggs and fertilize them with Taylor's (good) sperm.

After that part was all said and done, we were left with 14 embryos. We went through our first round of IVF, which did not end with a positive result. Two more rounds ended in the same result, no baby. In fact, while defrosting our embryos for the third round, one embryo did not make it. We decided after three times was not a charm at the fertility doctor in Austin, we would try someone else. A friend of mine had used a doctor in the Woodlands and spoke great things about her. She was a Christian lady and a lot more specific to my body's needs than the previous doctor. We decided to try again at this new doctor even though it was a three hour drive to my home town every time we had an appointment.

Our last seven embryos were transferred to that office and we began treatment again. This time around, the doctor changed some medicines, and added other things including a diet. Our fourth round of IVF resulted in a chemical pregnancy. (When we got the call, it was a positive pregnancy test, and the next pregnancy test showed up negative. The embryo attached to my uterus but did not continue to grow). Up until then, we had tried two embryos each time, so for our fifth round, we chose to transfer three embryos. I also quit my job as a teacher hoping that less stress would help my body relax more for a pregnancy. After countless tears, much heartache, tons of support and prayer from family and friends, a depletion of our savings and lots of medicine, we finally got pregnant through IVF.

{My husband and I talk about it a lot...why God chose us. What was his point in all of this. I know for a fact it was not to harm us, but to make us stronger.}

My husband and I talk about it a lot...why God chose us. What was his point in all of this. I know for a fact it was not to harm us, but to make us stronger. I know he wanted to use us in a way we never thought he would use us. We have been able to speak to and support a few other couples going through similar situations as us. We praise God daily for the blessing he gave us in raising our son.