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Do you have "Nauseous Russian Nesting Dolls" Syndrome?

Nausea. What a fun word.

Have you ever felt nauseous? You know that feeling you get right in the gut. All of a sudden you feel as if you have just gotten off of Space Mountain and your arms immediately flail around to try and find something to hold onto as you feel like your about to hurl?

Yum. Today was that day. 36 hours of constant nausea with no vomiting. I currently have "Nauseous Russian Nesting Doll Syndrome."

I have read that nausea (more so queasiness)/food aversions is often an early sign of pregnancy.... For example: I am HOOKED on orange juice. And right now all I can think about is hurling when orange juice comes to mind. What does this have to do with Russian Dolls? Syndrome? What?

My first thought when I was a lot more naive back in the honeymoon getaway vehicle days was.... "maybe I am pregnant! Maybe this is really it!" I am not so naive anymore- Once 10 months of trying to have a baby has proven unsuccessful. The sore breasts, the constipation, the nausea, the feelings of being "tired" all the time. Once those symptoms happen 10 months over, near the beginning of my cycle.... It's not so "exciting." It's more...

Probably just pre-period symptoms. Your heart feels like a "Russian Nesting Doll," it gets less hopeful each and every month. Smaller and smaller and smaller. Pretty soon those beautiful innocent butterflies in your tummy feel like large underwater bubbles that make you want to vomit. All your hopes and dreams of having that little person inside become blurry and microscopic.

Hope feels like an old distant friend and you have convinced yourself that it's just another month, and it's perfectly okay to celebrate Aunt Flows intrusive arrival with a mariachi band and a few strawberry margaritas.

What do I do today to make it better? What do we (as a Starbucks drive-through instant gratification American) need to do to fix this awful feeling, to make it all better?

In short. I don't know.

But here are 5 simple ways to make that longed for butterfly feeling of hope come to life.

1.) Call an old, dear, and trustworthy friend.

-Sometimes it takes a good ole girlfriend to help sort through and pop all

those awful hopeless "large bubble" feelings to make room for truth to

gently fly in and tickle your soul.

2.) Do something that makes you feel good!

-Getting your mind off of the negative things and doing something you love is

just plain good for the soul. Paint your nails, turn on some T-Swift, read, go

outside and sunbathe... Whatever!

3.) Exercise!

-Did you know that doing just 20 minutes of exercise a day, can increase the

serotonin levels in your body significantly? These are the "happy hormones"

in your body and exercising frequently activates these hormones!

4.) Research & Educate

-Not everyone gets pregnant in their first month of trying. Read blogs.....

research YouTube videos on... "It took us (insert number of years here) to get

pregnant and now we are!" type videos...

5.) Pray, Relax and Press into your spouse

-It's important to run TO your spouse and TO God with your big fat bubbles

that make you want to hurl. God sees you. He knows your struggling. He

wants your heart. Be honest with him. Tell him how you feel, and realize that

an honest cry of a breaking heart, is sweeter than a hallelujah sometimes....

Hang in there doll, we are in this together....