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Fertile Mertile!

We have a beautiful family, precious twins, and a perfect baby girl on the way! We love our walks in our perfectly gated community, and our local splash pad! We are so beyond BLESSED because we got pregnant with Jackson and Caroline Grace within a week! You could basically call me "fertile mertile." We are SO blessed! I enjoy weekly "mommy and me" classes with our bubbly, bright blue eyed babies. I love being a mommy!

{ Please provide the trash can I feel a hurl coming on!}

Yeah RIGHT! And by the way.... My husband and I...We are so not "fertile mertils." After being married a little over a year we started to try and get pregnant. 11 months later, after loads of tears and lot's of watching others get that beautiful plump and round belly, here we are... No baby. A little about me..... I have to admit, my mom totally wins at the "who persevered through infertility thing"; 18 and half years of infertility. God actually never gave her her fertility. She was diagnosed with endometriosis, and had a hysterectomy. She & my father decided to pursue adoption. Then came me. {by the way, if I ever see you in person and I hear how "blessed" you are by how "quick" you got pregnant (emphasis on the QUICK & blessed in the same sentence)... run FAST... you will see tears well up quickly in my eyes! (I'll talk about blessings in later posts!)} When my husband and I started to "try" we were like two virgins on their honeymoon night in the getaway limo! Fit, young, attractive, healthy and BAM. Period after period, month after month. The story that is unfortunately less common to the "social media eye." Who am I really? I am honest, authentic and empathetic, I don't like beating around the bush. I am a huge sucker for people's stories. You share your story and heart with me? I will come back for more. I am Alaskan born. We have a German Shepherd pup who is 2 and live in the SECOND best state of Texas (sorry y'all please don't hate me!) Besides struggling with infertility, I also have Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy (eight years seizure free praise God!) I love to exercise, and am completely fascinated by health and psychology. I love to spend time with my girlfriends, paint, be outside, watch Netflix, and love my husband dearly. I love our church, and Jesus and I have been on this "old dirt road" of life since I was eight years old. I am here to empathize with you. Pregnant or really "NOT" pregnant. Bump or no bump. I am here to encourage and uplift you, and not judge you. We are ALL in this together. Words spoken or unspoken.