Our story....


         When I was just a little girl, my mom read me a homemade bedtime story. As I pressed the large book towards my small tummy,  and ran my tiny fingers across the celephane pages that held real pictures with carefully cut scraps. I felt my mom pull me in close as she pointed to the pictures. This story had four main characters: my mom, my dad, me and an unfamiliar but beautiful woman, in a soft red sweater with dark brown hair.

        As all of us girls grow into women and dream of meeting their spouse... On a starry night in December of 2012, I met my husband Casey on a soccer field while I took pictures of his team in Houston, TX. Within two weeks we were on our first date, and after eating a delicious dinner at a local Mexican Restaurant we found ourselves hand in hand expressing to one another how important adoption was to us. It was that night I told Casey my adoption story.

        That beautiful woman with dark brown hair was my birthmom, and that homemade storybook, was my very own adoption story. My birthmom traveled all the way to Anchorage, Alaska from the Golden State to safely give me over to a family who wanted a child. Her courage, her bravery, and her deep love is why I am here today.

    "Her courage, her bravery, and her deep love,

is why I am here today."

        This year (2018) we will have been trying to conceive for 4 years. We officially got diagnosed with unexplained infertility Spring of 2018. I have endometriosis and I empathize immensely with women who continue to suffer in grave pain and yet cannot achieve a pregnancy. I have experienced the depths of depression, shame, fear, isolation, and grief with infertility. Infertility has put a toll on our marriage in ways that we could have never imagined. Through counseling, support groups, our faith, friends & family and lots of tears we continue to trust that every good and perfect gift is from above, and whatever comes our way, we will continue to trust in God. That he will give us the desires of our hearts in his timing, whatever that looks like. 

        Casey and I have a huge heart for women who are on their journey to motherhood. Along the journey of having a child of our own, we want to encourage those who are seeking adoption, considering an abortion, lost their child, have been adopted as a child (and on the same journey to have a child of their own), or just simply a beautiful couple wanting to have their own biological child.


           All of these dimensions and views are very real to us, and we have a huge heart in that. We believe that every child whether 2 weeks in the uterus or 17 years old, matter greatly and are created intricately by God.

          Thank you for reading our Unspoken Words!

          We can't wait to hear yours!

          -Casey & JoAnna

         *****If you are pregnant and considering abortion.*****

        Please contact us at: joanna.winans907@gmail.com.

    We will be more than happy to hear your story, pray with you, empathize with you, hear your side of the story, and help you in whatever way/ whatever resources Unspoken Word Ministries can gather for you. There are people that WILL financially support you. You are NOT alone.

     [Being adopted, has been the best thing that ever happened to me. As a young child, (eight years old to be exact,) I had developed a deep understanding of what being "adopted" into God's kingdom meant. I understood that Jesus paid the ultimate "adoption fee," and that I didn't do anything to deserve it. Springtime of 1999, I was on my knees with my elbows nestled into the covers of my twin bed with my Adventure Bible open, and I was ready. I knew that I was going to fail many times, and that even many years later as I grew, that I wouldn't be perfect or anywhere close. So I asked Jesus to "adopt me," and tears flooded my face as what felt like a million butterflies started moving in my chest. I ran downstairs and embraced my mom and said: "Mom I feel different, I just asked Jesus in my heart, and it feels like he is there!"]