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Hey guys! Anna and Joanna here comin in hot with a whole lotta real talk! Jo and I have known each other since the 5th grade.  When her family moved away we were once disconnected but then divinely reconnected at exactly the right time. (And when I say exactly I mean when we honestly needed one another the very most!) Our blog will get you up close and personal with JoAnna and her husband Casey as they continue on their year long journey of trying to conceive. Along with my husband Jimmy and myself as we continue on our Journey through child loss and trying to conceive after the fact. The purpose of our blog is to not only give ourselves room to grieve and process through our own journeys but to encourage those of you who have intentionally sought out or even stumbled across our page.  Our prayer is that as women we can build each other up and encourage one another through our own individual journeys and struggles.  We each can attest to the burden being too heavy to carry on our own at times so if this blog can in any way brighten your day or lighten your load than our prayers have been answered! If you’re reading this today, we just want to say to you, welcome to our family! YOU ARE NOT ALONE!


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   "Unspoken Words" exists to give women a platform to share their own personal journey to motherhood. To empower, uplift and inspire other women to know they are not alone in the unspoken words of their own personal journey to motherhood.